GTA 4 Apk Download Free 2024 OBB+Data File for Mobile

GTA 4 Apk

GTA 4 Apk

One of the most popular games of the GTA series is GTA 4 apk. Every player likes to play Rockstar Games in his childhood. Moreover, Vice City was also an important part of this series. However, many people love to play GTA 4 on Mobile devices.

 GTA is an amazing game series because of many factors like amazing gameplay, intuitive graphics, and an engaging story. GTA is the best game in the internet world.

Now coming to GTA 4 apk, you can see good and bad stories have a deep message inside. furthermore, officially developer of GTA doesn’t develop their games for android or iOS. But, various minded developers have created GTA 4 IOS for Android users surely. In fact, it is possible to play this game series on every android phone.

In GTA 4 download for android, you will play in an open world with amazing realism. In addition, you will love the game for its graphics and unique gameplay. You will find this game as the best game in the gaming world. Of course, you can download the game from our website with free access.

GTA 4 has been developed by Rockstar, and you will see the amazing game when you start to play it. For this reason, you will feel a new experience of game graphics by playing it. It contains far difference from other games of GTA, but due to the same developer, you can feel a little bit of matching during playing. Meanwhile, the player can play openly in this criminal world. Go where you want to go and do what you want to do. Of course, the whole world is yours.

GTA 4 Apk OBB File:

The game is not officially available on the play store, so many other developers develop it for Android users. First, you need to download the obb file of the GTA 4 mobile game for free download. We are providing it you can download from here. It is the most important part of the game downloading.

  • First, you will download the gta 4 apk from the link given down.
  • Now, open the phone settings of your android mobile and press the obb file for installation.
  • Obb file has compressed, and then you need to extract all data from the zip file. 
  • You will unzip all the data, copy the complete folder and paste it into the obb location.
  • Now the player can play easily and enjoyed thoroughly.

Additional Information:

AppGTA 4 Apk
Developer Rockstar Games
Size35 MB
Android Requirement4.0+

GTA 4 Apk Requirements:

If you need to play a good game, you need some basic requirements to play the game. These requirements are the most important part of the game.

  • The Player needs 2 GB ram for smooth gameplay.
  • At least 1 GB of free space will require for a good game to run.
  • This game is suitable for all android phones.

 How to Download and Install GTA 4 Apk:

There is no hard rule to download Gta 4 apk free download full version. You need to follow these simple steps, but first, you have to download the gta 4 apk obb file. Without this zip file, you cannot play the game. We mentioned above how to download the obb file on your mobile. After you download the obb file of this game, please check the following steps.

  • Press the download button from the link which is given below.
  • Downloading of GTA 4 apk will start soon.
  • Go to your mobile setting and enable a third-party source for the installation of the game.
  • Now do not open the game after the installation. You need to download data or an obb file.
  • For this purpose, you need to open the download folder and extract the obb zip file, which you download before.
  • Now you can open the game for sure.

You see how easy these steps are. A new player can also install the game by following these simple steps.

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Features Of GTA 4 Apk:

Open World For Best Gang Wars:

Game rules are most important for players. You can take many other missions along with your main task. This ability will show how capable you are in the game. For this reason, you can explore many cities, streets, places, and cities during your tasks. This open-world shows the bitterness of modern society. Players need to be active at all times because there are multiple missions in this game. Similarly, this is the game of power, greed, and lust, so do all things that can favor you.

Mischievous Missions:

Get ready to embark on thrilling missions that will put your wits and skills to the test. From daring heists to epic car chases, you’ll never run out of heart-pounding adventures.

Character Shenanigans:

Meet the unforgettable protagonist, Niko Bellic, who’s as charismatic as he is charming. Follow Niko’s journey as he navigates the complexities of Liberty City’s underworld. And hey, don’t forget the hilarious pedestrians you’ll encounter on the streets – they’re a riot.

Kickass Combat:

Engage in intense shootouts and brawls that’ll get your heart racing. The combat mechanics in GTA 4 Apk are smooth and satisfying, allowing you to unleash your inner action hero.

Vehicles Galore:

Want to speed through the streets in a flashy car or cruise around town on a motorbike? GTA 4 Apk has an impressive collection of vehicles for you to choose from. Just be prepared for some wild rides and occasional epic crashes!

GTA 4 Apk

Meet New People:

The game allows you to meet many peoples. When you start a task, you will contact different people, for example, police officers, drivers, bikers, shopkeepers, and many more. All these people will impact your game definitely. When your character visits different cities to complete puzzles and tasks, he will contact many other characters. You will observe their behavior.

Interesting Graphics:

The graphics of the game are super fantastic. The player will love to see many characters o 3D graphics. You will love to see amazing scenes on your android phone. Graphics has a powerful impact on any game, so the GTA 4 Improvements also has these best properties of graphics and sound. Different soundtracks will never bore you.

GTA 4 Remastered Trilogy aslo coming soon.

Weapons Range With Vehicles:

Airplanes, helicopters, modern cars, bicycles, motorcycles, and many weapons are there for player entertainment. The weapons that will use in-game are

  • Heavy weaponry
  • Special weapon
  • Rifle
  • Submachine gun
  • Sniper rifle
  • Hunting rifle
  • Pistol

This action pack game will never let you down. You will see how beautifully everything will incorporate into the game, and you will love to use your every moment to play this game.


The gameplay is very attractive. You can see what you like as the whole gaming world is open for you. Furthermore, the game is based on the American lifestyle. Niko Bellic is your character’s name. He lives in a city in America, and you will find other optimistic characters with him. The player can ride on a bike, play with weapons, and mess with cops or random people.

GTA 4 Apk

The story begins when player enters Liberty city. This Russian guy wants an American dream for himself. But the dream is not easy. He faces many obstacles in his ways, like different cruel gangs, criminal activities, and social pressure. You will find the other face of society as well. All these things make this game more attractive and famous.

Along with criminal activities, you will find all other humor in the game that will mesmerize you completely. Feel the thriller activity when you start a war with other gangs or show your tactics to cops. All you want to do is you can in this open-world game.


The reviews are very positive for this game. Different players played GTA 4 android, and they enjoyed it. They gave positive reviews on this game, the game graphics are very innovative, and you will love it. Weapons are also there, and you can use them as per your requirement.Players so love the beautiful scenes.

GTA 4 Apk

Many downloads are shown their popularity, and you will also love them when you play them. Face-to-face battles are present, and you can travel anywhere. There is no restriction in GTA 4 download for android phones. Niko Bellic will control by player, and you can play a variety of missions by moving to different cities in different vehicles. All positive reviews show its massive popularity among all generations and genders.


What is GTA 4 Apk?

GTA 4 Apk is the mobile version of the iconic action-adventure game. It offers the same thrilling gameplay and features as the original, but it’s optimized for mobile devices, allowing you to experience the excitement on the go.

Can I play GTA 4 Apk on my mobile device?

Yes, you can! GTA 4 Apk is specifically designed for mobile devices, allowing you to experience the thrills of Liberty City on your smartphone or tablet.

Who is the main character in GTA 4 Apk, and what’s their story?

The main character is Niko Bellic, a charismatic and charming protagonist. Follow Niko’s journey as he navigates the complexities of Liberty City’s underworld and gets involved in thrilling escapades.

Can I download GTA 4 on my mobile device?

Yes,you can download it from our website by following instruction given in the website.

How are the graphics in GTA 4 Apk?

The graphics in GTA 4 Apk are stunning and realistic, bringing Liberty City to life with its detailed visuals. You’ll feel fully immersed in the heart of the action.


As shown above, you see we try to cover all details of GTA 4 apk. This game gains more popularity among gamers due to its unique features, gameplay, super story, and best graphics. The game is about crime, dreams, greed, action, gang war, and many more. You can do anything in this open world. Additionally, best graphics will never let you down in-game. You can play the game with your friends. It will be a great experience. One important thing to realize is that you need to download the game with a proper obb file. Without following these steps, you cannot access the game. In short, play the game and satisfy your game thrust.