GTA San Andreas Apk Download Free 2024 OBB+Data File For Android

Ever you feel the life of a gangster in your dreams? GTA San Andreas Apk is a way to live a life that you dreamed for a gangster. This android game is available on our website so that you can download it without hesitation with free access.

Rockstar has released the game GTA San Andreas for those who love adventure and thrill in their lives. Moreover, the game is an integral part of the GTA series. Carl Johnson is the main character of the game, grand theft auto San Andreas apk. He did some massive criminal activities in the past, so he ran away from his home town Los Santos before five years ago. Now he comes back to see that his mother has no more. And his friends have been in a bad living situation.

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However, the new life will begin when he came back to his city, and different incidents will happen. You, as the main character, will play an exciting role. Furthermore, you will allow doing what you want. If you love to become a policeman or a driver you can, not only you will choose any profession but also enjoy you life in the game.

GTA SA apk is an excellent blessing for android users because you can play the game without a hurdle if you have good performing mobile. You will love to see game graphics and visuals and amuse to feel its good audio. All you want in a good game will be available in GTA San Andreas android for free download.

GTA San Andreas OBB File:

You have to download the obb file of this game. It is necessary. You do not need to buy this game from the play store because we are providing it free. But first, you need to download the obb file for this game.

Here we will  guide you through the simple steps to get this game.

  • First, you have to download GTA San Andreas Apk from the below link. 
  • Then, open the settings of your android mobile and click the obb file for installation.
  • This obb file is compressed, so you need to extract data from a zip file. 
  • Unzip all the data, then copy the whole folder and paste it into the obb location.
  • Now you can launch the game. And play with your buddies.  
GTA San Andreas Apk

File Information:

GameGTA San Andreas APk
RootNot Required
Size15.34 MB
Storage Required2.5 GB

Features of GTA San Andreas Apk:

Best Graphics:

The gameplay is so realistic, and the developer creates it more defined for the android version. The player will see the best lighting, amazing visuals, exciting colorization, and recreation of characters. The player will play the same game with high graphics with an ancient look. These game graphics are compatible with all android devices. You can play it without any fear.

Unlimited Resources and Money:

As we know, this is a story about a gangster, so obviously, it will have money matters. The game will provide unlimited resources for your dreams. You can use these resources as per your wish, and no one will make hurdles for you. After every success, you will get money and unlimited resources to level up your life as a gangster.

Smooth Game Controls:

The game is not so tricky for the gamer. You can control your character by dragging the movement wheel from the screen. Check the right side of the mobile screen for more options. From here, you can choose anyone out of the three control schemes that you want to play. Besides, you will enjoy the game with these controls.

Unlimited Task and Missions:

The game and other series of GTA is full with tons of tasks and missions. You will love to play different missions. It will start with an easy task and up your level with more difficulties. More than 70 hours of gameplay is available for you, and it has other games as well. You need to participate in different missions to get a high rank in the game.

Game Customization:

You can customize different cars and your character as well. This is a big blessing in this game. You will love to use the customization feature to make your own new car with different properties. You can also re-create your characters’ appearances. It will be great fun in the game gta san andreas mods apk.

Online and Offline Play:

The game is available offline as well. If you do not have an internet connection, you can still play the game.

Plenty Of Weapons:

GTA san andreas free is full of weapons, as we know that gangsters and police have weapons. You will experience heavy guns and other weapons that you can use to kill your opponent in the game.

GTA San Andreas Requirements:

All these requirements are essential to download the game on your Android Phone. If you have a mobile with these properties, you can easily play the game GTA San Andreas modded apk.

  • You need 2 GB ram for fantastic gameplay.
  • At least 3 GB of free space is required for a smooth game run.
  • 5 GHz processor required.

How to Download and Install GTA San Andreas:

Of course, you want to play the game, so you are here to download the game. We will guide you through some simple steps that you will follow for game downloading.

  • The download button is available on our site. Just click it.
  • Downloading of Gta san Andreas apk data will start immediately.
  • Now open the setting on your android mobile and enable unknown sources for game installation.
  • The installation will complete in few seconds.
  • Then you can open and play the game.


This is the best game for android users. When you start the game as a character of CJ, you will discover the whole city. For this reason, you can use any motor vehicle like car, motorcycle, jet, bicycle, airplanes, trucks, and many more. Feel free to visit many areas in the game barefoot. No one will stop you.

GTA San Andreas Apk

 An open-world game by rockstar developers and you can play a third-person role in the game. The game comes with new exciting features that you will never find in other action gangster games. You will play different tasks for rewards, and these rewards will help you unlock many exciting features in the game Gta sa files.

Do not feel shy to explore the game world. You can complete your dreams here as if you want to fly jets. Yes, you can. If you like to mess with someone randomly, you can. You can do the shopping and play every game that you want. The game allows you to make this game customize as per your wish. Play with different weapons that you can use against your enemies.

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Reviews of Gta san Andreas mobile apk are excellent. Gamers love to play this game for hours and hours. They love to play CJ’s character as a gangster and feel his life’s problems. Some gamers think that this game is a big treat for all gamers community .you can play the game online to get more exciting elements in the game.

GTA San Andreas Apk

The game will grab your attention at once. Millions of players played this game, and this is significant evidence of its popularity. You can also play and enjoy a complete game with your best buddies. But i think you need to take care of is best android mobile for excellent gaming and a fantastic experience. For this reason, you have to an Android mobile with sizeable free space and the best resolution in your hands. Also, a good internet connection will make the best experience of gaming.


Q1:Will we see any resembles between GTA San Andreas and GTA vice city?

Ans:While there is a slight difference between both games, GTA San Andreas is a role play game, while GTA vice city is free gameplay. In GTA San Andreas, you will see an extensive collection of weapons and facilities. All these differences make this game bigger than GTA vice city.

Q2:Is GTA san Andreas safe for my android mobile?

Ans:Yes, this game is 100% safe for any android because we protect it from virus and malware activity. Our team scanned it thoroughly before uploading it so you can download and play it without any doubt.

Q3:Can I get GTA San Andreas apk data free or pay credit for the game?

Ans:You can get the game free from our website. We will not charge any credit from our followers. Indeed you can play the game quickly and without any bugs.


GTA San Andreas is one of the best nostalgic base games. The game will show the gangster life of the 90s. You will love to play CJ’s character do variation that you love to do in this character. Choose a desire profession, loot bank, snatched car, motorcycle, shops, and what you want. You will love to see beautiful girls in the game go with these beauties in bars. The game has splendid graphics. A gamer can stay more in the game just because of good pictures and the best sound. If you play the game, you will feel these two properties which describe before.

In the final analysis, download the game and play with your friends without hesitation because it is a whole story of a gangster’s life. 

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