GTA 6 Apk Download Free 2024 OBB+ Data File For Mobile

Hi, folks, your wait for GTA 6 Apk is over now. Finally, the developer release this game in mobile and you can download it from our website. In addition, GTA 6 is a new part of the crime series GTA. Rockstar has published it, and if you are a crazy fan of GTA, you can download it without verification and play with friends. These link will help you get all GTA and obb data files essential for downloading.

Furthermore, GTA 6 apk available on PS4, XBOX One, and PC right now. We cannot provide an official date for releasing Gta 6 beta. However, when you start to play gta 6, feel new unique features like game controls, best missions, graphics and sound, and much, much more.

You can play the game and make continuity with the previous game. Equally important, android users will love to play the game with several inside game activities. Similarly, multiple missions, weapons activities, a new life story, and fun with all the aspects are available in the game.

Moreover, this game is freely present on our website; you do not need to pay for it. Play and bring fun into your life. GTA 6 mobile game apk is the best gangster series that will never bore anyone with its numerous game activities. Definitely, you will see more improvement in this series that hooks you with the game comparatively than other games.

Officially it is not released yet, but we have a modified version with all premium features at no cost. Outstanding features and gameplay will engage you truly. Different missions are on board, and in the game, various working tasks are waiting for you namely. We are happy to provide you what you want in the GTA 6 free game.

GTA 6 Apk

GTA 6 Apk OBB File:

To play GTA 6 you need to download first an obb file because there is some information that you need to extract from this file without this you cannot open and play the game. This obb file will help you to play a smooth game and you have too much space for the obb file on your android phone. After extract the data from the obb file than you can download the game easily. And can play with full energy obviously.

Additional Information:

App NameGTA 6 Apk
Genre Action
Root Required No
DeveloperRockstar Games
Size50 MB
RAM Required2 GB
Andriod Version4.0+

GTA 6 Apk Download Without Verification:

You can download the game without verification. If your android device is well-performing, then you don’t need to take any tension. We will assist you just follow these simple steps to pick your favorite game instantly. But wait, you know other websites are taking some verification before providing you this game. It may be a human or device verification, which not suits everyone. So we are presenting this game without verification.

  • Press the download button given below to get the game.
  • Now download the gta6 apk installer.
  • Extract the obb data file by opening it.
  • Check your download folder to find the “com.rockstargames.gtalcs” file. Then open it and cut the file within.
  • Open the android folder and move the select file to the obb folder.
  • You can open the game and play it without any obstacles.
GTA 6 Apk


There are some requirements that you have to consider for Gta 6 games for android phones. Without these requirements, you cannot play the game. These are given below.

Space: 1 GB space of your android phone is enough for this purpose. 

Ram: At least 2 GB minimum necessary for GTA 6 apk. 

Android: 4.0 and up is best for this game.


New Mission with New Maps:

Without a game map, it is impossible to complete any mission, so developers include many new cities, locations, and different areas to play various assignments. Every task will be full of adventures, thrill, and revenge. You must show your active act at every single moment of the game.

Many unique missions upgrade the new game. You can mess with another gangster for money and power. Steal anything from random persons, face-to-face encounters with cops. and do other activities that never leave you down. Every single game element will up this game, namely.

Vehicles and Weapons:

Weapons are the central part of the game, along with vehicles. You will see new GTA 6 Cars like motorcycles, modern vehicles, helicopters, airplanes, jets, and much more vehicle items that you will use to complete your missions. While when we talk about weapons, a large number of vehicles are there in the game. You can use these weapons against your enemies. For this reason, choose the best armor to hit your opponent.

  • Pistols, 1.1 Returning Pistols
  • Automatic Pistols, 2.1 Returning Machine Pistols
  • Shotguns
  • Sniper Rifles
  • Assault Rifles,6.1 Returning Assault Rifles
  • Revolvers,3.1 Returning Revolvers
  • Light Machine Guns (LMGs),5.1 Returning LMGs
  • Submachine Guns (SMGs),4.1 Returning SMGs

All above these weapons you can use to protect yourself and show your power upon your enemy.

Best Effects of Graphics and Audio:

The player will love to see the best GTA 6 Graphics of this game. Beautiful scenes will amaze you indeed. The player will play with the flow of the story, which shows gangster life. Game visuals are superb, and attention is garbing. You will love to see different visuals that will show in the game. In the new edition of GTA, the developer has given more attention to providing you more fantastic sound that is too clear and effective.

GTA 6 Apk

Sometimes in games, players face audio problems and bugs that irritate the player. But you will never face a situation like that because the developer has specifically improved the audio of this game.

Device Compatibility:

The game is compatible with all devices. You can play gta 6 on every device like pc, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Google Stadia, android, and ios. For this reason, you will love to play it on these devices with total energy.


GTA 6 will immediately attract players and differents from GTA 5 Apk. The player can also interact with different characters by recording their voices to make more fun in the game. Because of the captivating role-playing story, the player will not put his eyes away from the gaming screen. You have a vast selection of equipment and weapons to choose from. The excitement of fantastic races, intense gunfights, and notable battles will not be disappointed to anyone. Different location maps and vehicles are there for you. 

GTA 6 Apk

If you are not interested to do any task then just roam anywhere in the city. No one will stop you. See the beauty of beaches, malls, shops, loot banks if you want, show your gangster power to anybody. The entire gangster world is open for you. Many changes are happened in the game to become it more unique. This is a story of a dreamer who wants to chase his dreams, but what happened during his journey, you will see all in the game. All-new activities with good graphics will help to create a good game atmosphere for the player.


Q1:Can we play the game Gta 6 data file online or offline?

Ans:You can play the game offline right now.

Q2:Is the game GTA 6 obb file safe for my android mobile?

Ans:GTA 6 apk is safe to play on every android mobile. So do not need to worry about it because we examine it properly before uploading it to our website

Q3:What will we find in this new game of GTA 6 apk?

Ans:You will find new missions, best game graphics, new characters that bring more energy to the game.


GTA 6 apk is a new game sequel of GTA games. People love this game for its unique graphics, special missions, gameplay, and the best environment with a new story. Hence, you will find it a fantastic game with all these properties on an android phone. We are giving you a way to play this game free without spending any credit. All new properties of the criminal world show you how unpredictable life is playing by your character in the game. Download apk +obb data file and get free access to the gangster world. Many missions will keep you busy, and you will never bore to play the game. In short, follow all the download processes and grab your favorite game.

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