GTA 4 IOS Dowload Full Latest Version 2024

Every gaming guy knows that GTA 4 IOS is the biggest game of the Rockstar. This game was not launched recently after the revolution of the internet.But it is an older gaming series that is still popular. GTA has launched multiple versions from time to time to be updated with the requirements of the market.

GTA 4 Apk is also part of that series and gained much popularity among different gaming communities. This game is available for all OS and devices that are capable to run such a high-resolution game. This blog will focus on GTA 4 IOS and let you know about it in detail.

Storyline of GTA 4 IOS

Whenever it comes to downloading and playing a game, the very first thing you have to do is to understand the storyline. So, we have wrapped the complete story of the game here to let you understand it quickly.


The story of the game mainly focuses on three main characters discussed below. Every character has specific problems to solve and enjoy a comfortable life. For example, Niko (the main character) wants to get rid of his past and start his new life. He wants to enjoy his life which is full of opportunities related to the job, skill, and other aspects.

Similarly, the second character named Prince wants to enjoy his life by going back to his family and friends. He accidentally enters a city where everyone is corrupt and looking to buy his services as a full-time assistant. It makes the process to be loyal to his friends and family hard for him.

Meanwhile, the third character Johnny who have got involved in gang battles in the same city looking for an escape from them. He is struggling to find a way to survive in the city or try to leave it to have a happy life.

In short, the entire game is full of adventures, unexpected actions, and mysteries that make it more attractive. You can enjoy this game because of its violent and adventurous scenes.

Where to download GTA 4 for IOS?

To download GTA 4 IOS, you can explore multiple websites. You can also download it from our website GTA Beast. We have an updated version of the game with some modified features that will add a lot to your gaming experience.

You will get multiple accessories and features that are not accessible/available in the original game. That’s why we recommend you download this game from our website.

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How to download GTA 4 IOS?

You can download GTA 4 IOS from our website using the following steps.

  • Go to GTA 4 IOS download page
  • Click on the download button
  • Open the Game Installer and allow permission to download this game
  • Click on the Install button
  • Wait for a while to let the game be installed

Pro Tip: To get access to all features of this game, we recommend you wait for a few minutes before playing after the installation of this game. It will let the game settle all features properly and won’t show you updates regularly.

Final words

Till now, you have learned how to download and install GTA 4 IOS. We have shared the simplest process to follow in this regard in a step-by-step manner. So, you can easily download this game and install it within seconds and play it in your leisure time.

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