How To Get Money In GTA San Andreas

Making money in GTA is the core aim of every player because it can help them in getting different assets from the game. All players struggle while looking to get money in GTA San Andreas because they claim it takes a lot of time.

For every mission, the players are awarded with prizes like money and other gifts. But it is not as much as you can make from this game. To help all players like you, we have written this guide to let you know how to make money in this game.

3 Ways To Get Money In GTA San Andreas

In this game, you will find a lot of ways to get money. But not all of those will pay you high as well as simple to follow. We have enlisted 3 ways to get money in GTA San Andreas that are easy too.

Get Money In GTA San Andreas

By Completing Vehicle Missions

Mostly, players of GTA know that they can steal vehicles from the road. But they don’t know that they can earn money from those vehicles too. Let us explain here how to complete this mission to earn money.

First of all, you need to get a vehicle like a taxi, police car, ambulance, or train. You can find these vehicles on the road easily or you can also create an emergency that will help you get these vehicles in your surroundings.

Once you have got a vehicle, you need to enter the vehicle and press the keys. It will start the countdown on your screen with the mission description. To get money, you need to complete that mission within the given time. All missions will be simple you may be asked to provide medical emergency if you have got an ambulance for this purpose.

Through Gambling

If we say it is a hidden way for many players, it will be right. The reason is many players don’t focus on gambling games and don’t want to leave the original gameplay. What if you can make money and restart the game where you have left off? It will be amazing, right?

We have written this section just to let you know how to make money with gambling and restart your game where you have left. In your gameplay, you will see a lot of betting places. You only need to save your game and then enter those Gambling Places.

After that, you can bet as much amount as you want on the horse shown on your screen. Whenever your horse will win, you will get a prominent amount as the reward. It is better to try this multiple times with small denominations. It will keep you safe even when you have lost the game. After winning money, you can get back to your game and restart it from where you have left.

By Killing Drug Dealers

This is the most-paying task from which you can earn a lot of money. It is the easiest way to get money in GTA San Andreas Apk as you only have to kill the drug dealers. In the game, you will see a lot of people standing with their cross-hands at different places.

Such peoples are normally drug dealers who sell drugs to people. You can kill them and get the money they will drop after death on the road. If you are not sure whether the person is a drug dealer or not, you should wait a while and see if someone comes to him for a purchase.

If he sells anything to any other person, it is the final hint that the person is a drug dealer. You can kill him and get the amount from the road after his death. The average money you will get from this is $2000 which is more than almost both above-listed missions.


Now, you have an idea of how to get money in GTA San Andreas and unlock the assets of the game. It is time to get your couch and start playing this game. To get maximum money, you should complete the missions without making mistakes. If you will make mistakes, it will lower the amount of money you may be expecting to get in the end.