GTA 5 VS GTA 4: Six Major Differences:

GTA 4 and 5 are two of the most famous games in the series, and they’ve conflicted for quite some time. While some gamers enjoy GTA 5’s lighter and humorous tones, others prefer GTA 4’s gloomy and more decadent narrative. However, there may never be a definitive answer as to which game is superior. In fact, the key features that separate them we can always look at.


Overall, GTA V garnered far better reviews and it is a fantastic game, but many gamers prefer GTA IV. Because of the heavy game tone and grounded vibe, it is contentious, but players enjoyed the direction. Of course, for me, Niko is the most genuine and engaging protagonist in the GTA series.  No doubt, his journey was heartbreaking. I just not try to invest myself in the trio’s tale.  In contrast, Michael and Trevor were still memorable characters.

In GTA IV, being a criminal and doing terrible stuff had genuine effects. Nearly no one earned a “nice” ending that was appropriate. The story in GTA V is entertaining, but it feels too safe and lighthearted,with no painful moments and no tension.

Customization In Game:

While this title is superior to its predecessor in many ways, this is one area where it falls short. The absence of personalization possibilities in GTA 4 is a significant contrast between the two games. By allowing users to customize every aspect of the game GTA 5 offline enhances the experience. This viewpoint allows players to create their own distinct play.

Game Champions:

The introduction of three protagonists in the story mode was one of the most significant changes made by Rockstar Games with GTA 5. And they did a fantastic job of highlighting each character’s tale and struggle. Of course, Niko is a fantastic protagonist, even better than Trevor, Michael, or Franklin. Still, the decision to move between characters ensured that the game remained fresh.

Game Physics:

GTA 4 is known for its very realistic driving mechanics, which elevates it above GTA 5. The former performed an excellent job of replicating the physics of an automobile. Along with this a bump or scrape while driving occurred just as it would in real life. This feature will modify in GTA 5, resulting in significantly more comfortable car handling at the expense of the game’s realistic feel.

Games Non Playable Characters::

In GTA 5 the random NPC missions on the road will an amazing addition and gamer will love it. You can pull over and play better Samaritan when you’re driving about and hear a pedestrian pleading for aid. Of course, you’re still a thief and a gangster, but at the very least. Now you’ve put an end to the other criminals on the route. However, in GTA 4, there was no such method.

Diversity of Weapons:

The Grand Theft Auto franchises will never recognize for its massive armory until the fifth main game. Players will mainly provide the standard selection of options that one would expect from a shooter. Grand Theft Auto 5 features a more comprehensive number of guns, each with its unique set of characteristics. New weapons will add to the online component regularly.

Single-Player Mode:

Moreover, Grand Theft Auto 4 did not receive expansions from the multiplayer component. But, gamers will still give fresh material in the form of two massive single-player expansions. The first, The Lost and Damned, is about a vicious motorcycle gang.


They’re both fantastic games that will last for decades, and GTA 4 is virtually everything that GTA 5 isn’t. Visuals: Although GTA 5 has far better graphics than GTA 4, I do not consider this to be an advantage because GTA V was published five years after GTA 4, therefore the graphics had to be improved.