Franklin Clinton -Grand Theft Auto 5:

In the Grand Theft Auto 5, Franklin Clinton is a pivotal figure. Along with Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips, he is one of the main characters in Grand Theft Auto V. He is also a prominent protagonist in Grand Theft Auto Online, with Lamar Davis, as part of The Contract expansion.

Franklin Clinton GTA 5

Franklin’s Background:

Franklin was born in South Los Santos, San Andreas, in the year 1988. He never met his father, and when he was a child, his mother became a cocaine addict. Franklin recalls hearing stories as a child about his father being belligerent and physically abusive to his mother. This may be leading her to turn to cocaine to escape the abuse.

 Franklin’s father abandoned him, although his mother was still expecting him. Franklin’s mother’s addiction resulted in her death when he was a small child. He joined in with his mother’s parents when his mother died. During this event Franklin met Tonya Wiggins and JB Bradshaw. Despite his grandma’s continuous spoiling, Franklin had opted to pursue a career as a street thug.

Franklin and his Problematic Life:

Franklin attended Davis High School with Lamar Davis, Tanisha Jackson, and Tonya. But he was expelled for an unexplained cause for assaulting a teacher. He became a gang member and dope dealer about this period. He began performing more minor crimes with Lamar, such as carjacking and small-time bank robberies.

They stole $2,000 during their first bank robbery but could not take the money because a dye pack detonated. Franklin also worked for Marcus, a local drug dealer he later murdered. Franklin was arrested and sentenced to prison in 2008 after a life of petty crime caught up with him. Following his release, he resolved to leave his past gang life behind and seek legal employment.

Franklin and his Criminal Career:

As we know, Franklin was born in Los Santos and has spent his entire life there. At an early age, he became a gang member and joined The Families with his best friend, Lamar Davis. He started doing different minor crimes for a living. Franklin’s plot revolves around his desire to achieve tremendous success and fortune. He performs all this when he finds Michael, who becomes a father figure and engages him in all of his crimes. However, different activities for other criminals lead to Franklin’s ultimate status and wealth. Franklin also meets Trevor, the third protagonist, who, while not as attached to him as Michael, serves as a counselor.Franklin also know how to make money in life to become a rich.

Franklin’s Personal Life:

Franklin dated Tanisha, but they broke up owing to her brother’s death. She also worried that Franklin’s illegal lifestyle would damage her. After that, Franklin and Lamar started working for Armenian merchant Simeon Yetarian a few months before starting his story.

Yetarian operates a vehicle business that serves as a front for loan sharking and extortion, selling cars to individuals who can’t afford them. Franklin and Lamar seize the cars when people default on the high-interest payments.

Franklin’s New Story by Rockstar Games:

Grand Theft Auto Online will get a brand-new story-focused update from Rockstar Games. It is set years after the end of Grand Theft Auto V. Franklin, one of GTA V’s three main heroes will star in ‘The Contract.’ Franklin, Michael, and Trevor have never been seen in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Franklin Clinton, one of Grand Theft Auto V’s primary characters. He will feature in new story material for GTA Online from Rockstar Games. With Dr. Dre’s persona and new, unreleased songs, Rockstar appears to be going all out on this one. Despite what looks to be a more low-key strategy, the company will integrate new story-focused missions into its vast online mode.

Latest Updates:

The story starts years after the events of Grand Theft Auto V, with Franklin’s voice actor Shawn Fonteno reprising his role. The content upgrade will contain a lot of new music in addition to new tasks. The new radio station would have “huge first-of-its-kind upgrades to existing radio stations, including a ton of fresh and unreleased exclusive music from Dr. Dre and a heavy-hitting line-up of musicians,” according to Rockstar. There will also be new side missions, weaponry, and vehicles accessible.