GTA 5 Apk Free 2024 Download Highly Compressed OBB+ Data File (Android and IOS)

GTA 5 Apk

One of the most entertaining games GTA 5 Download APK is now on your android device. Moreover, if you are a GTA lover then you will definitely excite to have it with you every time. However, you played it on your PC. But now you can download it on your android or IOS device without any problem.If you want to play the GTA 5 android torrent you can click the download button, mention below.

Rockstar Games published this super game. Furthermore, its first release was on Xbox and play station. But the passage of time it played on PC as well. Now you can get Download GTA 5 for android full apk free for android and IOS as well. Rather, the developer has not offered it for android users. But we are providing you highly compressed GTA 5 apk data file for download. The updated android system will play Gta 5 download apk very effectively. You will love to play GTA 5 mobile addition.


GTA 5 has not launched officially for mobiles. However major population has android or IOS phones. But don’t worry; we brought a mod apk version of GTA 5. Mod apk file will help the player with all unlock features which he cannot find freely on the original version. You will find unlimited money, gold, life, and unlimited weapons in GTA 5 MOD APK.

People say that GTA 5 PPSSPP has amazing graphics and for this reason, it cannot play on an average android mobile. But if you have a good-performing mobile, the game definitely works. So you can download as per our instructions and play the game with your best buddies.

GTA 5 Apk File Information:

App NameGTA 5
Developer Rockstar Games
MODUnlock Everything
Root RequireNo


Equally important, that it is the main expansion file that can store game information on your device. Of course, it is a key file for downloading the GTA 5 apk file. Just follow some simple steps to download GTA 5 obb file. In fact, it is an essential part of gta 5 downloading.

  • First, download the apk file and open it.
  • Then install the apk file and place the obb file over here.
  • Simply extract the obb and data file.
  • After completing the installation you can run apk file easily.

Obb file is an expansion file that comprises data that you do not get inside the in-app package. This essential file contains graphics, media files, and some large program files as well as.

GTA 5 Data File:

3rd file to download is GTA 5 data file . Obviously, it is the same as the other two files (GTA apk,obb file). Your progress on the game will save here. Equally, it contains assets acquired, completed missions in the game, and many more. Similarly, it is also an essential file to download GTA 5 apk mod.

This mandatory data file will ensure about install and run performance of Apk format. Smooth and excellent performance of the game will ensure by data file on android phone. In particular, you need to extract the obb and data file after the downloading of the gta 5 apk file. After the extraction, you will allow playing the game from apk file which you download before.

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Features of GTA 5 Apk OBB:

Boundless Freedom:

In the sprawling virtual world of GTA 5 Apk Obb, you have the freedom to unleash your inner mischief-maker. Want to hijack a car and drive it off a cliff? Go for it! Fancy robbing a convenience store with a water gun? Well, why not? The possibilities are endless, and the city is your playground.

Crazy Customization:

Personalization is key, even in the criminal underworld. Customize your character, deck them out with funky outfits, and strut through the streets with swag. Remember, style points are essential when you’re causing mayhem!

Multiplayer Game:

You can play many games like GTA Vice City apk lonely. But if you want to show your best game skills just join virtual multiplayer game mod. In other words, this feature from Gta 5 mobile edition allows you to play with your friend’s online. Definitely, It is not necessary to have your friend with you. Only one thing that you need to connect with your friend to play the game is a good net connection. Then make a team with your friends and show them how passionate you are about the game surely.

GTA 5 Apk

Various Missions:

Additionally, GTA 5 android torrent comes with interesting missions. What are you searching for in the gangster game series all available on Android phones? For example free fall, the big score, the red neck score, minor turbulence, risk evaluation, and many more. San Andreas state will never get you bore. Amazing missions are waiting for you. And after completion, you will be fully charged with high energy. Coupled with, these missions are full of emotions, thrill, crime, humor, and many more. 

GTA 5 Apk

Best HD Graphics:

The main part of the game is the best HD graphics of gta 5.To clarify you one thing is that this game is not for the low ended android device. Notably, you have to need a proper advanced level setup for this. In this case, a big thing is the customization of graphics to be compatible with device settings. One of the best graphics of Grand theft auto 5 apk will mesmerize you. The high HD version of GTA 5 will change the playing scenario amazingly.

GTA 5 Apk

Realistic Gameplay:

Realistic gameplay is the key to Gta 5 apk. When do you feel that characters are coming towards you? And you feel all activities that happened in the game become so amazing. Especially, the atmosphere of the game will never get you tired or bore. Every single moment is full of adventure and thrill. Specifically, you feel like a part of the game. The best 3D graphics and Fastest Cars Of GTA 5 make it more prominent in all gangster and thrilling games.

GTA 5 Apk

Amazing VR mod:

You can play gta 5 on virtual reality mod. Sounds good! But it is looks so cool when you will fight with a gangster through your heavy machine gun. Or may you will walk on the beach with beautiful babes. All will happen by the use of VR mod. On the positive side, controls of the game are in your hand just kick the car in the air. Or destroy your enemy by shooting him.

For this amazing activity, you need a VorpX rechargeable driver with Script Hook V mod. The complete installation process is available on the official page specifically.

Real War Experience:

You will experience various missions one by one. Sometimes you played alone and sometimes your teammates are there to help you. War with other gangsters will become lethal and may hurt you. You can control just one character in the game and artificial intelligence will control others. Just focus on your character that no one attacks you. 

New Task With New Missions:

Every moment in GTA 5 mod apk is full of energy and you will play new tasks with full devotion. The presence of your character in-game is directly linked with your daily activities. By all means, heavy gun war with your opponent, hale drive with crucial missions is waiting for you. You will see everyday life in this game.

Flexibly and New Perspective of the Game:

GTA 5 apk  is based on proper physic of flexibility and new perspectives in GTA 5 mod apk. The scenes from the game are so realistic and you can’t take off your eyes from them. Notorious criminals are waiting for you. With them, your bloody battles will continue so long. You will experience furious battles with them

GTA 5 apk Requirements:

For GTA 5 you need some specific requirements

Game NameGrand Theft Auto 5
DeveloperRockstar Games
Android Version4.0+
Required Ram1GB+
Required Space3GB


What is GTA 5 Apk?

GTA 5 Apk is like a magical doorway that takes you to the wild and wacky world of Grand Theft Auto 5, right on your mobile device!

Can I download GTA 5 on my mobile device?

Yes, you can download GTA 5 on your mobile device; however, it requires some additional steps as the game is not officially available for mobile platforms.

Is the GTA 5 Apk Obb safe to use?

Absolutely! But wait, there’s a catch! Make sure you download the Apk from a trusted source to avoid any monkey business.

Can I mod the game with the Apk?

You sure can! With great power comes great responsibility, though. Modding can be a fun ride, but don’t go overboard; you don’t want to crash your game like a rusty wagon.

Can I play online with my pals using the Apk?

GTA 5 Apk is for single-player shenanigans only. You’ll have to saddle up and ride into the official multiplayer corral if you want to cause chaos with your amigos.

GTA 5 Gameplay:

The gameplay of the GTA 5 apk unlimited money is an interesting and thrilling game. This is an open-world gangster game where you see 3 main characters and their stories. Franklin, Trevor, and Michael are the main characters in the game you can switch characters from one to another. That is to say, this is a very vast world where you will see beautiful girls, animals, beaches, brand new vehicles, amazing new weapons, and so on.

GTA 5 Apk

You can perform yoga activity, gym, swimming and whatever you want to do you can. Customization of each character is in your hand. Ultimately, you can change their presence, style, look, size, and even tattoos. By the same token, the developer did some major changes.You have a vast range of your choices. Likewise, you can do vehicle customization in your way. This game is open for your creativity on the whole.

GTA 5 Reviews:

In 2013 GTA game was released and a massive response was shown by the public .developers updating constantly and I with my team played it personally. Of course, we loved Gta 5 apk android + data graphics and sound. I also admired its tasks that beautifully kept a person in-game. Customization of characters with up-gradation of the game is now in our hands. I love to play continuously with my friends as it is a world of gangsters where you can see love, hate, greed, and much more .it is a game where you can do what you want to do specifically.


As we mentioned above all important points about GTA 5 apk. There is nothing to bother you to download this game. Your addiction to this game will start from the very first play. This GTA 5 apk game is based on greed and theft and revenge. How these things can change the entire life of a person. Altogether, the graphics of the game are super realistic. In the long run, your main focus is to complete missions properly. More active and vigilant in the GTA 5 game free download full version for android.We provide all details about downloading and installation process. You just need to follow properly on your android device.

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