Fastest Car In Gta 5:

Are you curious to know the fastest car in GTA 5? this is a tricky question at all. There are More than 500 vehicles now present in GTA 5 online. However, it is difficult for a player to choose his favorite fastest car in GTA 5. Developer rockstar games introduce many new things in GTA games, presenting new vehicles for the race with modern style for the player.

Moreover, Los Santos is open for you to choose a classy, unique but straightforward vehicle that shows your good taste in cars indeed. Like Truffade Z-Type, Cheval Taipan, and Coquette Classic are some bright names in the vehicle industry. While many players want a fast car to help in-game, they escape from the police and other gangsters. 

Furthermore, when they race, then fast and speed car save their race against their opponents truly. GTA has many sequels. But GTA 5 has a separate fan following due to its best gameplay, weapons, and cars with a new use style. 

GTA 5 with New Arrivals:

Many new things are introduced in GTA for a better play, and you will love to see further improvements than other game sequels. Along with cars, there are new ranges of motorcycles as well. GTA 5 and is an action gangster play where you will fight for your power and money. In Los Santos, every moment is full of missions and tasks. For this reason, you need an extraordinary car that helps you to show your strength to others. It namely makes a heavy impact on your presence.

The Fastest Car in GTA 5 Online:

So I know you are excited to know about the fastest car in GTA 5 and GTA 6 eagerly. The answer is simple The Ocelot Pariah is the quickest car in GTA 5, no doubt, with the splendid speed of 136mph/218.87 kph. This sports car has worth $1,420,000. Right now, Ocelot Pariah is undoubtedly the fastest car in GTA Online. This car will help in your race and make you for a long top speed race definitely.

Fastest Car In Gta 5

Ten Best Fastest Cars in GTA 5 with Price and Speed:

Car NameSpeedPrice
Ocelot Pariah136mph$1,420,000
Grotti Itali RSX135.30mph$3,465,000
Pfister 811132.5mph$1,135,000
Principle Deveste Eight131.75mph$1,795,000
Bravado Banshee 900R131mph$565,000
Invetero Coquette D10130mph$1,510,000
Overflod Entity XXR128mph$2,305,000
Grotti Itali GTO127.75mph$1,965,000
Pegassi Toros127.50mph$498,000
Grotti X80 Proto127.50mph$2,700,000

All above other cars also work very well, but there are some particular properties in OcelotPariah that make itmore visible. Its design is made upon areal-life Ferrari Aston Martin V12 Zagato/ 812 Super-fast. Similarly, The Ocelot Pariah can be stored in your Garage with Personal Vehicle.

You can also customize it at Los Santos. Interestingly you can trade the Pariah at Los Santos Customs, but for a resale price of $852,000, it is 60% of the original purchase. In short, enjoy the game with this fastest car in GTA 5 with new power.