Which is better – GTA 3 or Vice City

Which is better – GTA 3 or Vice City

When it comes to 3D games, GTA is one of the oldest video games still played in the world. GTA 3 and GTA Vice City are the most famous among other versions. These versions are also the oldest ones of this game’s series.

Even though these games are in the market for 20 years now, these are still played by a prominent Gaming Community. But players are still confused in understanding the superiority of these games. Most players ask which is better – GTA 3 or Vice City.

Are you one of those players and curious to know about it? This blog will definitely help you as we are going to discuss this question here briefly. We will explore some factors based on which these are more or less better than each other.

Major differences between GTA 3 and Vice City

There is no doubt that GTA 3 and Vice City are well-known titles of the GTA and have outstanding features as compared to other versions. Also, these two titles are similar regarding some specific features. But these are also different from each other based on some factors.

Which is better - GTA 3 or Vice City

You should know about them to understand which is better – GTA 3 or Vice City. Let’s explore the following sections to know about those major factors.


The most important factor that makes a game worth playing is the graphics quality. Without a clear and outstanding preview, a player won’t feel excited while playing a game. GTA has worked a lot in making its games perfect in this dimension.

Both GTA 3 and GTA Vice City has graphics that weren’t available while the games were launched. With time, this factor must be updated to be part of the race of video gaming. The major difference in both games is that GTA 3 Apk hasn’t got any updates in terms of graphics.

You will find this game as it is as you have seen it at the time of launch. On the other side, GTA vice city has got upgrades regarding graphics quality. It has the potential to beat other games of this time as compared to GTA 3. So, it is right to say that GTA vice city is better than GTA 3 in this aspect.


Another major difference between GTA 3 and Vice City is the sound/audio quality. Both games have sound qualities that have satisfied their players. For example, GTA 3 has its main character in silent mode most of the time while the main character in GTA Vice City is talkative.

Additionally, the background music of both games is much better and loved by gamers. The sound quality and scenes preview are suitable for each other which gives a realistic experience to players.

But GTA Vice City is still better because of its talkative characters. The players will remain engaged while playing it instead of getting bored while playing a silent game. 


No wonder, GTA is famous because of its characters, vehicles, and storyline. But not all of its versions have inspired the players with their characters. GTA 3 is among those versions that have some dull characters.

Also, the quality of being silent of the main character makes it boring for players. A player can’t play a video game without listening to the storyline of the characters. On the other side, GTA Vice City is much better in terms of character specification.

Whether you consider the talkative behavior or suit design, this version is better than GTA 3. Its characters have got the attention of the players and amused them with their qualities. A player loves to play this game and enjoy it for a long in their leisure time.

Which is better – GTA 3 or Vice City and Why?

Now, you have an idea about the major differences between both versions. It is time to learn which is better – GTA 3 or Vice City. You may have got an idea of the answer to this question. But for your ease, let us say, GTA Vice City Update is much better than GTA 3.

Its characters, storyline, sound quality, and graphics make it better than this specific version. You will really enjoy playing this game in solo mode as well as with your friends. Its storyline has got the attention of the players and encouraged people to play it without a break. 

Final Words

With the above discussion, you must have an idea which is better – GTA 3 or Vice City. We have discussed some major factors that make one game better than other. You can easily decide now which game you will love to play in your free time.

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