Realities of GTA San Andreas Theories

Being the most played game in the world, GTA has evolved multiple fan-made theories. Most players have made multiple theories as per their ideas about this game. But the most famous list in this regard is related to GTA San Andreas Theories.

GTA San Andreas Theories

In its different missions, the game has some characters and scenes that encourage the players to make their theories. This blog aims to highlight the most famous theories in this regard. We will also show you why these theories have been discussed by the fans of GTA San Andreas.

3 GTA San Andreas Theories

No doubt, you can find GTA San Andreas theories about different characters, missions, and scenes. But not all of those are fascinating and appealing. So, we have compared all those theories and enlisted 3 of those that you should know. If you are a real fan of this game, you can easily understand these theories.

1.    Big Smoke wasn’t part of the game

If you have played different missions of this game, you have seen a mission “Drive-By”. This mission involves a specific character Big Smoke who appears after some time in the game. Many players say that this character wasn’t planned to add to this mission.

In simple words, the fans say that Big Smoke wasn’t there while the game was developed. It means that the developers have decided later to add this character in this mission. The main reason is the calmness of the character in the beginning of the game. Actually, this character doesn’t come to the scene at the beginning of the game and keeps hiding beside the car.

As this character can’t be so calm in this game, that’s why fans considered that this character was added later in the game. The fans also say that the spot of the character isn’t right which also supports this theory. Due to its strong reasons, this theory got popularity in different GTA communities and gained much attraction.

2.    Involvement of CIA Agent

Being a GTA player, you must have seen agents in different missions. Mike Toreno is one of the most famous among them when it comes to GTA San Andreas. No doubt, the game developers or authorities haven’t stated that this agent belongs to a specific agency.

But players have found a clue and made a theory based on it. Let’s read what it is. In the game, Mike Toreno says that multiple agencies including DEA, FBI, and a Russian agency were looking at him in the mission.

It means that he may belong to any of these agencies. To clarify which agency he might be from, the fans did their research. As per their statements, this agent can’t belong to DEA and FBI because of particular reasons. Similarly, he can’t be from a Russian agency because he seems to be a patriot.

Also, the agent has involved in drug-related trades and the CIA had the same allegations in the past. That’s why it is logical thing to say that Mike Toreno is a CIA agent. This theory, being logical, seems to be true and got the attraction of many players.

3.    Ryder was loyal to GSF

Another interesting fan-made theory is that Ryder is loyal to GSF. In GTA San Andreas Apk, Ryder was shown as the killer of Ballas who is a member of GSF. In past missions, the same character came to help the Grove Street Families (GSF).

But in this game, how he can betray the family and kill a member of them. That’s why fans think that this character was added at the last moment or has some hidden background behind this scene. It is also one of the most famous GTA San Andreas theories made by fans based on different concepts.


It might be possible that you have listened to any other theory related to this game. The reason is you can find more than 20 theories made by a fan about it. But these are the most famous GTA San Andreas theories that are discussed in this game’s community all over the world.