List of GTA 5 Weapons

GTA 5 Weapons

GTA 5 is one of the most famous versions of this game because of its realistic graphics and fantastic missions. Unlike other action games, it also has multiple weapons that players can use. The list of GTA 5 weapons varies from shotguns to riffles and comprises around 60 weapons.

Every player is looking to find the best weapon to play this game and win it by completing the missions. It is hard to try all the available weapons and use them to find the best. But you can quickly explore the following list of weapons we have made after comprehensive research.

5 best GTA 5 Weapons

Playing Grand Theft Auto without a perfect gun is like playing football without good sneakers. That’s why every player looks for the best weapon before stepping into the field.

GTA 5 Weapons

Advanced Rifle

On the top of our list, we have one of the best GTA 5 weapons from the Assault Rifle category which is the Advanced Rifle. It is a medium-range gun that can damage a person from a distance as well as take a close shot too.

In addition to this, the rate of fire, accuracy, damage, and design make it the perfect choice to stand in the top position. It has a stylish design that can make your overall outfit perfect in looking.

AP Pistol

From the Pistol category, we have chosen the AP Pistol because of its rapid firing. This gun has a rate of fire of 80 which means you can shoot 80 bullets in a single go. No doubt, it is a short-range weapon that can damage the opponent from a close range.

But it has higher accuracy than many other guns in this category. That is why we recommend you keep this gun in your outfit to quickly kill your opponent if they have reached close to you.

Assault Shotgun

One of the best shotguns we have found among other GTA 5 weapons is Assault Shotgun. This weapon has the smallest range with the highest damage. Its damaging capacity is more than any other gun from almost all categories.

You can kill your opponent by shooting only two bullets. It means that you can survive by killing even when you are at the last stage of getting dead in the game.

Combat PDW

GTA 5 Mod Apk weapons also include machine guns and sub-machine guns. After exploring the collection, we have found Combat PDW as the best sub-machine gun. The reason is the fast reloading and firing speed.

Like other sub-machine guns, it has low damage that can let your opponents survive. But the accuracy property can overcome this problem by hitting the opponent consistently.

Compact Grenade Launcher

On the last position of our list of GTA 5 PPSSPP weapons is Compact Grenade Launcher. It is a launcher with the help of which you can shoot a grenade you have found in the gameplay.

The best feature of this weapon is maximum damage. It can kill the opponent with a single shot if you have done it right. The accuracy of this weapon is not as high as others but you can shoot with accuracy by paying little attention.

Final Words

The above list of GTA 5 weapons has products from different categories. We have explored different categories and found them best in their concerned categories.

You can choose any of these guns to play this game and kill your opponents to complete the mission. In the end, you will be able to earn rewards that you can use while enjoying this game the next time.