How To Install GTA 5 Mods

GTA 5 Mods

GTA 5 is the most famous game when it comes to mods versions. Every player wants to have extended features in this game to get more enjoyment in their free time. The mod in GTA 5 has helped all such players in this regard.But the main question is how to install mod in GTA 5.

Many players ask this question because they have confused points about this installation. Are you looking to learn the process to install a mod version of GTA? This blog will guide you from scratch as we have written this guide in detail. We will guide you on what a mod version of the game is and how to install it.

What is a mod in GTA 5?

We all know that every game has standard features that a player can access in different situations. Similarly, GTA 5 has those features that every player can access with a single click. But a GTA 5 mod is an extended version of this game with some extra features.

GTA 5 Mods

In this specific version of the game, the players will get new characters, vehicles, and personalization features. This specific mod of the game isn’t developed by the original authors. But the original game has got upgraded by third-party developers who have added new features to the game.

Because of the availability of these features, this game has hundreds of players looking for a mod version. In the following section, we will explore some reasons why a mod version is getting popular and how to install Mod in GTA 5.

Why it is better to install mod in GTA 5?

For all players, who play the official game, it is still a myth to know why people are moving towards the mod version. The strongest reason behind this is the availability of extended features. In the standard version of the game, you will get access to only a few features like vehicles, characters, and others.

You have to pay through game cash to access locked products. But you can access all those locked features and products in the mod version of the game. Additionally, it offers some features and products that are not accessible in the official GTA 5.

As mentioned earlier, you will get multiple new characters in the game to play and enjoy more. The characters or players available in the mod of GTA 5 may not be available in the standard version. That’s why a prominent proportion of players are moving toward the GTA 5 mod.

How to install mod in GTA 5? Steps to follow

Installing mod in GTA 5 isn’t a difficult task when you are here at GTA Beast. You only need to follow simple steps mentioned below for this task. The installation process won’t take enough time from this website.

  • Click on the given button to start the download
  • Wait until the download has been completed
  • Tap on the file you just have downloaded
  • Click on the Install button
  • You will be asked to permit the installation
  • Go to settings using the button shown on the screen
  • Toggle on the button given besides “Allow Installation from Unknown Sources”
  • Save the settings and go back
  • Again tap on the install button
  • Click on the Done button once shown on your screen

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t start playing this game just after installation. It is good to wait for a few minutes to let the game settle all features. After that, you can play this game and access new features to add more excitement to your gameplay.


The above-discussed method to learn how to install mod in GTA 5 PPSSPP is similar for all games. You can download any game from our website using these steps. We have discussed all steps that you need to follow in this regard.

But you can add an extra step to allow installation before installing the game. For this, you only have to go to settings and search for the installation permissions. From there, you can allow installation from unknown sources and leave this step for the next installations.

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