Hidden Locations in GTA 4

Hidden Locations in GTA 4

No doubt, GTA 4 is played by thousands of people regularly in their free time. But a lot of people don’t know about its hidden locations, assets, and tricks to get them. Are you a GTA 4 player? Do you want to know about a hidden location in GTA 4?

Here you will come to know about those places that many players don’t even bother to explore. No wonder, the game is full of adventures but these hidden locations will enable you to get something extra. It will enhance your gaming experience and allow you to enjoy more.

3 Hidden Locations in GTA 4

Finding a hidden location in GTA 4 IOS is not a simple task because you can ignore them even intentionally. Have you ever seen a board with warning to stop there? You must have seen such signs and never try to explore them.

Hidden Locations in GTA 4

Some of those locations have huge rewards for the players who will approach them. Here we have enlisted 3 of those hidden locations. You can access them to win multiple rewards in this game after reading about them.

1.    Happiness Island

This is the most mysterious place in GTA 4 because of its various objects and locations. Happiness Island is surrounded by water from all sides and isn’t accessible by the ground. But in the game, you will be able to see a car or a motorcycle without any driver.

From where it came? No one knows about it. You can go to the west side of the island to find this vehicle and drive it through the island for enjoyment. The second hidden location in GTA 4 Happiness Island is the statue inside. Yes, you can go inside the statue but you have to jump from the upper part by a helicopter. It is because this is the only way to make it possible and access this place.

2.    Mikhail’s Mansion Backyard

One of the most secure mansions in this game is Mikhail’s mansion. It is guarded by a strong brick wall that doesn’t allow anyone to cross and reach the inner part of the mansion. But you can climb up the wall with the help of a hop and go inside to get access to this hidden location in GTA 4.

Inside the mansion, you will get blood trails from the lawn in the backyard to the door. No one knows about the concept and event behind those blood trails. As there is nothing to get inside this mansion, you can say it is inaccessible because of this reason.

3.    Westdyke Township Reward

The last hidden location in GTA 4 as per our list is Westdyke Township’s hidden rare sports car. Have you heard about Sultan RS? If yes, you must know that it is not accessible from multiple missions. But you can get it from Westdyke Township in a particular mansion.

At the end of the town, you will see a mansion. You can go to the backside of the mansion and keep running till you have reached the end. Just beside the bushes, you will be able to see Sultan RS which is the most powerful and beautiful racing vehicle in this game.


In the above guide, we have discussed the hidden locations in GTA 4. You can easily access these places to find multiple rewards and enjoy seamlessly which other players are unable to do. Additionally, you will be able to experience something extra while enjoying this game because finding, hunting, and exploring are the main desires of gamers.