Hardest Missions in GTA Vice City

Hardest Missions in GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City has a prominent position among other versions of the game when it comes to audience engagement. Its wide list of missions make it a perfect choice for many players as they want to get something exciting. This game has more than 80 different missions that you can play and win to earn cash or other prizes.

Some missions are tough to complete because of difficult gameplay or competitive enemies. For a lot of people, these missions are exciting as they enjoy playing them. To show you the top ones from those missions, we have written this guide about the hardest mission in GTA Vice City.

This article will give you details about that mission as well as show you why it is considered the hardest one. Let’s read about this game and its most exciting mission.

Which is the hardest mission in GTA Vice City?

Demolition man is the hardest mission in GTA Vice City. This mission has to be completed within the 7 minutes short window. When you start playing this mission, the timer will start counting instantly and keep ticking until you have completed it or the time has finished.

Hardest Missions in GTA Vice City

This mission has a concept from the movie Demolition Man released back in 1993 under the same. The movie has some exciting scenes that have been nicely added to this mission.

Why Demolition Mission is considered the hardest?

As mentioned earlier, this game has more than 80 missions. So, the question comes why it is the hardest mission in GTA Vice City Apk. Let us share the gameplay of this mission to get an answer to this question.

The very first thing that makes this mission the hardest one is the time limit. It is considered the mission with the shortest time window as compared to other missions. Secondly, the mission has to be completed while flying a helicopter inside the construction site.

It makes the mission more dangerous and exciting at the same time. All the workers working in that building will also keep following you with their weapons. They can kill or harm you with their weapons like hammers or others.

The third and the most interesting thing that makes it the hardest mission is the planting of bombs. The demolition man asks the players to plant 4 bombs inside the building at specific points. Overall, it is hard to plant bombs at those locations within 7 minutes and keep yourself safe from attacks.

Reasons To Play GTA Vice City

All these factors make this mission more exciting, enjoyable, and no doubt the hardest one. You should play this mission if you have strong nerves to tackle the situation and keep yourself calm in pressurized conditions.

Additional Exciting & Hard Missions in GTA Vice City

In addition to Demolition man, you can also find other hard missions. No doubt, all missions have a different storyline but only a few of those are considered hard to complete. So, we have enlisted the name of those missions here.

  • Keep Your Friends Close
  • Death Row
  • Bombs Away
  • The Driver


We have written this blog after comprehensive research on this game. We have found Demolition man the hardest mission because of the above-mentioned reasons. This mission demands to be quick, calm, and active in all conditions.

You should play this mission if you want to enjoy this game with an extended experience. It will make your gaming experience more exciting and enjoyable.