GTA 7 Release Date:

Grand Theft Auto lovers are waiting for the GTA 7 release date. GTA 7 will definitely be one of the most amazing games in the gaming world. All GTA lovers are looking towards the announcement when it will be released. Unfortunately, we have no exact date for the GTA 7 release, but considering the previous game release dates, it will be released in 2037.

This next huge game always brings some unique and fantastic in-game. Furthermore, you will be amazed to see new revolutions in every sequel of GTA. An interesting fact about GTA 5 is that it earned above 1 billion us dollars in the first three days after being released. For this reason, player’s expectations are very high about GTA 7 and its success.

However, many fans are attentive to the new coming prelaunch of GTA 5 on the Xbox Series X and PS5. In addition, some are looking for GTA 6. Rumors for the release date of GTA 6 maybe 2025. You can see the last patterns of the GTA release and make some guesses which can be true. But no one can accurately inform the GTA 7 release date.

Of course, GTA 7 needs as much development duration as GTA 6 appears to require. Seeing all scenarios, you can assume to be playing the game in 2037. Did you notice one thing that 2037 and Grand Theft Auto 7 both end in the same digit? It is an Interesting match for an exciting game, especially if the publisher thinks to release the game on the seven containing number of whatever month.

Let’s have a look at all GTA release patterns. We have prepared some details about all sequels of the GTA series.

Grand Theft Auto:

In 1997 it launched. This is the game in which first-time people engage with a gangster’s life. It gained massive success after its release all around the world.

GTA 7 Release Date

Grand Theft Auto 2:

In 1999 GTA 2 has released with 2D graphics by DMA designs. The best childhood memory with this game, indeed.

GTA 7 Release Date

Grand Theft Auto 3:

2001 has the year in which Rockstar North released the game.

GTA 7 Release Date

Grand Theft Auto 4:

In 2008 GTA 4 has published by the same developers in the gaming world.

GTA 7 Release Date

Grand Theft Auto 5:

In 2013, GTA 5 has released and gained massive success and lovely response from gamers.

GTA 7 Release Date

Grand Theft Auto 6:

Not yet release. Still waiting for GTA 6.

GTA 7 Release Date

Grand Theft Auto 7:

Not yet release. Still we are waiting. But hopefully it will release soon.

GTA 7 Release Date

As we know, every game in this series opens for the player to take on the role of a gangster in the city. In all series, the main character wants to fulfill his dreams by gaining a large amount of money, power, and control of a criminal town. For this purpose, the player takes many missions, and his main aim will be to complete these tasks and assignments. You can become anything in the game. From taxi drivers to crucial gangsters, all the doors are open for you.

About GTA 7:

Developers want to change in GTA 7, and they said that it will not necessary to have the exact American location and cities in GTA 7. You will see more exciting tasks, places, and weapons with vehicles in GTA 7. We will obviously be waiting for new series for new missions and stories.

Additionally, you will play big as the developer hints about the game and cities included in the next round. We hope that GTA 7 will gain all praise from the world and release soon as we cannot hold our feelings anymore.