GTA 5 Characters Special Abilities

GTA 5 Characters

No doubt, multiple video games are available on the internet from different genres. But GTA 5 still has a prominent position among other games. Do you know why it is still popular even when launched years ago? It is because of GTA 5 characters special abilities that players can get help to achieve a goal.

For many players, it is hard to choose and utilize specific’s characters abilities to complete their missions. The main reason behind this is that they may not know about the specific abilities of a particular character. To let all such players know about the player’s specific abilities, we have written this blog.

3 Main GTA 5 Characters and their Special Abilities

Every GTA 5 lover knows that some of its characters are more famous than others. It is because the entire storyline revolves around those characters. So, we have described GTA 5 characters special abilities for only those characters.

GTA 5 Characters

Franklin’s Ability

Unlike other games, GTA 5 didn’t release all its characters for the players to add to their games. The first player launched in the game for the access of players was Franklin. It is the first character about which the players knew when the game was launched.

With the release of this character, a video tutorial was launched to let the players know about it. In that tutorial, you can see how Franklin is driving his car. It shows that this character is a skillful driver with the help of which you can escape from any place. This character can help you in passing from road or streets quickly to escape from robbers and cops.

Michael’s Ability

The second most famous character of GTA 5 is Michael. The game has shown this character as a shooter with extensive experience in the field. This GTA 5 Apk characters special abilities include shooting, combat operation, and health refilling.

Yes, you will get multiple abilities in this character that can help you in completing the missions to win this game. While playing a mission, this character will be the best choice to pick when you have to shoot and escape. It will help you in refilling your GTA 5 Weapons quickly as well as surviving for a long time even when got shot multiple times.

Trevor’s Ability

Every player of GTA 5 knows that this game belongs to the action genre. It means that you have to kill the opponents to win this game. To let the players enjoy this game for a long time without getting killed, Trevor’s character was introduced.

This character has been launched with extra Attacking Power as well as long durability properties. It means that you can easily kill your enemies using his power and survive in the game with his long-lasting abilities. Keep in mind that he is not invincible but only allows you to survive a little bit longer by bearing multiple shots/hits.


With the above blog, you have learned about GTA 5 characters special abilities. Now, it will be easy for you to choose the character while playing this game as per the requirements of the condition. We have mentioned only those abilities that are important. You can also explore more about their abilities by playing this game.