Most Expensive Vehicle in GTA 5

Every gamer knows the basic concept of GTA and how to play this game. The game includes multiple missions and also expensive vehicle in gta 5 that a player has to complete for winning some cash and other prizes using various vehicles like cars. Every specific version of the game like GTA 5 has specific cars that players can either buy or win by completing missions.

Because of the availability of multiple choices, it is hard to find one that is expensive and reliable too. This blog will highlight the expensive car in GTA 5 Apk and share details related to this vehicle. We will also share an extended list of cars that are a little less expensive than that car but are still expensive. Let’s get started and explore the following sections to read about it.

Which is the most expensive car in GTA 5?

Ruiner 2000 is the most expensive car in GTA 5 with outstanding features. The game involves 300+ cars and it is on the top when it comes to price. It is not an easy task to check all of those by buying them through game cash.

For many players, it is hard to keep different vehicles in their accounts. All those players can choose this car and enjoy playing this game with a one-time investment. Warstock Cache & Carry store offers this car and you can buy it within minutes using your game cash.

Many players think that this car the fastest car in the game too. Keep in mind that you will get other extraordinary features in this vehicle instead of speed. This car has some particular features like extended weapons collection, missiles, jumping property, and Gliding Ability.

In short, this car will allow you to chase the target quickly as well as drive this vehicle in different conditions. But the maximum speed you will get from this car is 119 mph which is lesser than other vehicles.

What is the worth of Ruiner 2000?

As mentioned above, this is the most expensive car in GTA 5. So, it has a price that everyone can’t afford. The overall price of this car is $5,745,600. Not all players can afford this price but if you can, this car must be a part of your vehicle collection.

Expensive Vehicle in GTA 5

The reason to recommend this car is the above-listed features. In most cars, you won’t get these features and feel it is hard to switch between cars for a particular feature. With this vehicle, you can easily accomplish different missions to achieve your goal.

What are the other 5 expensive cars in GTA 5?

We have mentioned earlier that GTA 5 has more than 300 vehicles. So, it means that you can also find other cars with a little lower price than Ruiner. We have listed 5 additional cars here in addition to the most expensive car in GTA 5.

  • Deluxo ($4,721,500)
  • Rocket Voltic ($3,830,400)
  • Vigilante ($3,750,000)
  • Toreador ($3,660,000)
  • Scramjet ($3,480,000)

By reading the above blog, you must have known about the most expensive Car In GTA 5. We have also listed some other cars that you can buy with less money. If you can’t afford this expensive car, we recommend you choose from this list.

All these cars also have some additional and extended features that you won’t get in other vehicles. In turn, you will get a good gaming experience.

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